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Year 4



Welcome to Year 4!




Welcome to our Year 4 Web Pages


Welcome to Year 4!


Here is what we'll be learning about during the Summer term:


  • Our main topic is 'Ancient Civilizations'. Here, we will be learning about features of civilisations; Ancient Sumer; Ancient Egypt; Indus Valley civilisation; Artefacts; Timelines; New inventions and technology; Everyday life; Social hierarchy; Significant leaders; End of ancient civilisations.
  • For reading, we are continuing to build on our vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summary skills (VIPERS) alongside our Fred’s Reading. Our linked study book is 'Secrets of a Sun King - by Emma Carroll'.
  • In Maths, we will be continuing our learning about Decimals, then moving onto Money, Time, Statistics, Properties of Shape, followed by Geometry - Position and Shape.
  • We are continuing to practise our times tables. The children will be sitting the National Year 4 Times Table check in June - more details to follow.
  • In Science, we will be learning about Electricity. The children will learn about electrical appliances and safety. They construct simple series circuits and name their parts and functions, including switches, wires and cells. They investigate electrical conductors and insulators and identify common features of conductors. It also teaches children about programmable devices. They combine their learning to design and make a nightlight.
  • We will be having PE on Thursdays, so please come into school with your PE kit on this day. 
  • We are looking forward to our Perlethorpe Rivers Adventure on 20th June – details to follow.


Throughout the year, we will keep these pages updated so you can see what we are learning about in school. 


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A Guide to the New Curriculum in Year 4

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