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Carnarvon Primary School

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Carnarvon Primary School

Computer coding with DK

Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?

We are surrounded by computer programs, but what are they? Learn what computer coding or computer programming is and why it's important. The first step to becoming a super-star computer programmer!

Coding for Kids 2: How Computer Programs Work.

Computers might seem very smart, but are they really? Watch this video to learn how coding or computer programming works.

Coding for Kids 3: Think Like a Computer

For successful computer programming or coding, you need to learn to think like a computer. It's much trickier than you'd imagine! Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Computer Coding Games for Kids: Introducing Scratch

Ever wanted to learn how to make a computer game? This video introduces Scratch, a programming language, that's easy to learn and use. Have fun creating games and playing them with your friends!

Computer Coding Games for Kids: What Makes a Good Game?

What are the ingredients of a good game? Is it the characters, the environments, or maybe the controls? If you're learning to code games, watch this video to learn how to make your games great!

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