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Emperors and Empires

The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

Historian Bettany Hughes explores what made Britain so attractive to the ancient Romans that they made it a province of their great empire.

Public baths in Roman Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

The clip examines how (and why) Roman baths were introduced to Britain and the variety of uses that they had.

Women in Roman Britain | Roman Voices | BBC Teach

All about women in Roman Britain.

History | KS1 | KS2 | Roman roads | BBC Teach

This film gives pupils an understanding of how and why the Romans built a network of roads in Britain. It explores the design and construction of Roman roads. Using maps and graphics, it shows where the Roman roads were built and illustrates how many of our modern roads follow the same routes today.

Soldiers in Roman Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

Bettany Hughes explains the significance of Hadrian's Wall and visits the excavation of a fort at Vindolanda museum to uncover what life was like for Roman soldiers in Britain.

Children in Roman Britain | Primary History - Roman Voices

Bettany Hughes looks at the life of children in Roman Britain, discovering how tough life was for them - but also that it could be fun.

A Day In The Life... Of A 10-Year-Old In Roman Britain - Hands On History - BBC

Eric visits an archaeological dig and spots something shocking. He travels back to Roman Britain, where he lives the life of a rich kid; eating weird food, having fun with his pet duck, and trying to wear a toga without embarrassing himself.

How Did The Romans Change Britain? | History in a Nutshell | Animated History

What have the Romans ever done for us? Loads. This episode of History in a Nutshell ticks off some of the ways Britain changed forever after the Roman invasion.

Boudicca & the Roman Invasion | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

This animation explores life in Britain during the Roman Invasion and Boudicca's rebellion in 60AD.

What Is Hadrian's Wall?

With grand visions for a stable, peaceful empire, Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a wall in his name spanning the width of Northern Britannia, demarcating the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire. As this video explores, Hadrian's wall was mighty in proportion, not only as a defensive structure but also as a physical reminder of the Roman Empire's strength and power.

Why Was Hadrian's Wall Built? | Animated History

The creation of Hadrian's Wall was a project without precedence in ancient Europe. How and why did the Romans build this ingenious structure?

Hadrian's Wall | 10 Places That Made England with Dan Snow

Join historian Dan Snow as he explores the places that shaped England's story, in this exclusive series with History Hit. In this episode, Dan explores Hadrian's Wall, built to guard the northern frontier of the Roman Empire in Britain and stretching 73 miles from coast to coast.

Hadrian's Wall - Vindolanda Walkthrough - using "Medieval Engineers" software

Vindolanda Roman fort sat just behind Hadrian's Wall, and was occupied from the late 1st century until well after the Roman Empire had faded away. It's a remarkable place with a long and remarkable history. It's also one of the best-excavated & best-understood Roman forts & towns anywhere.

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