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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Web Pages

Welcome to the Year 3 Web Pages. We are so excited to be back in school and able to enjoy many exciting learning opportunities including swimming with the children. This is what we will be learning about and enjoying this term:


  • Our main topic is Emperors and Empires: Chronology; Everyday life in ancient Rome; Founding of Rome; Power and rule; Roman Empire; Significant emperors; Social hierarchy; Roman army; Roman invasion of Britain; Significant people – Boudicca; Everyday life in Roman Britain; Romanisation of Britain; Roman withdrawal; Roman legacy
  • Our English learning will develop vocabulary both in spelling and topic-based words. Writing style and grammar will continue through use of Rainbow Grammar alongside phonics. The children will continue to enjoy whole class guided reading. We will learn how to write biographies, letters, myths and poetry.
  • Our maths will be building upon our understanding of measurement, time, geometry, properties of shapes and mass and capacity.
  • Our science learning will be forces and magnets and plant nutrition and reproduction.

Meet The Teacher Information September 2021

Year 3 Summer Newsletter 2022

Year 3 Spring Newsletter 2022

Year 3 Autumn Newsletter 2021


Year 3 Home Learning Timetables are now within the Home Learning section of this year group page (above this message).

Science Topic - October 2021

Children used spinners to find white light and also made bubbles to see the colours of the rainbow.


Autumn Newsletter 2020


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A guide to the New Curriculum in Year 3

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.

Times Tables Booklet - Handy tips and games to help your child at home

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