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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Web Pages


Welcome to the Year 3 Web Pages. We are delighted to be back in school and, along with the warmer weather, we are looking forward to all the exciting learning ahead of us this term. 


  • Our main topic this term is ‘Emperors and Empires’, where we'll be finding out about the Romans and their amazing history and legacy. We’ll look at the founding of Rome, everyday life, social hierarchy, significant emperors, power and rule, along with the invasion of Britain. This will provide opportunities to find out about the Roman army, the Romanisation of Britain, and what everyday life was like back in the day. We’ll also find out about significant people, in particular, Boudicca. Finally, we’ll learn about the Roman withdrawal and their legacy, much of which is still evident to this day.
  • Our English learning will continue to develop a broadening vocabulary, both in spelling and topic-based words. Writing style and grammar will develop through the use of Rainbow Grammar alongside regular phonics. There will be many opportunities for writing, which will focus in turn on letter writing, along with a study of Roman mythology, leading to some myth writing of our own. We'll also be looking at biographies and poetry. All through, the children will continue to enjoy whole-class guided reading sessions to widen and deepen their experience and understanding of texts.
  • Our maths will see us continue to consolidate our understanding of fractions, before moving on to money, where we’ll concentrate on adding, subtracting, converting, and finding change in pounds and pence. Time will be another focus, where we’ll be looking at units of measurement to work out duration, a.m., and p.m., along with the 24-hour clock. We will also be revisiting shapes and investigating their properties in detail. Finally, statistics will be our focus to take us to the summer break.
  • For our science learning, we’ll be finding out about plant nutrition and reproduction, where root systems, water transport, pollination and seed dispersal will be some of the aspects we’ll be studying. 'Light and Shadows' will be our final science topic in which we’ll investigate light sources and reflectors, along with the transparency or opacity of different materials. Sun safety will also feature prominently.


Throughout, we'll continue using these web pages to provide information and other useful resources for children and grown-ups alike. As we're always looking to add to these, make sure you keep coming back to see what's new. smiley 



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A guide to the New Curriculum in Year 3

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.

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