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Carnarvon Primary School

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Carnarvon Primary School

Forces and Magnets

Gravity for Kids | Learn all about how gravitational force works

What goes up must come down! Have you ever heard this phrase before? This refers to the concept of gravity. In Gravity for Kids, you will learn about gravitational force and how it works in the universe. Gravity is a force of attraction between objects. Several things affect the strength of an object's gravitational pull.

Fun with Magnets!

Jessi brought one of her favorite toys to the fort, a magnet! Let's see what it can stick to!

Swings, Slides, and Science | Physics for Kids

Did you know that when you're soaring on the swings, or sliding down the slide, you're taking part in some seriously cool science? Jessi explains the forces you can find at the playground!

Magnets for Kids | What is a magnet, and how does it work?

What do you know about magnets or magnetism? Magnets for Kids teaches you about magnets and how and why they work. People use magnets for more than just hanging up artwork and grocery lists on their refrigerators. In fact, the very center of the earth is made of two metals that cause a giant magnetic field!

Slipping, Sliding Science! | Physics for Kids

The Fastest Sled Ride Ever! | Winter Science | SciShow Kids

Science Max | Friction | Season 1 Full Episode | Kids Science

Science Max - Phil starts with a balloon powered hover disc, then tries to make a maxed out version big enough to ride. In fact, why not make two and then race them! Phil also tries to use the power of friction to climb the walls and even to fly!

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