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Carnarvon Primary School

The United Kingdom, Monarchy, Parliament and The English Civil War

National anthem of the United Kingdom - God Save the Queen (with lyrics)

An introduction to Parliament (primary)

A resource for primary students, explaining what Parliament is and how it works. This animation is an ideal starting point for introducing Parliament to primary students. Chapters: 00:53 Parliament Structure: the function and make-up of the three parts of Parliament. 03:10 Making Laws: follow the making of a law from proposal to becoming an Act of Parliament.

Horrible Histories - Charles I Punishments

Some of the punishments handed out during the reign of King Charles I.

Battle of Edgehill - The English Civil War, Royalists VS Parliamentarians

A film version of events during an important battle of The English Civil War.

Horrible Histories - Battle of Marston Moor 1

This is "Horrible Histories - Battle of Marston Moor 1

Horrible Histories Song - Charles II King of Bling - CBBC

Would the real Charles II please stand up! Watch this funny Horrible Histories parody song all about King of Bling, King Charles II.

The Arms and Armour of The English Civil War

The Royal Armouries' English Civil War collection boasts an array of infantry and cavalry arms and armour from the 1640s. Find out more about the sort of weapons and armour deployed by both sides in The English Civil War.

What was life like during the British Civil Wars? | Hunting for History | BBC Teach

Dr Sam Caslin from Liverpool University looks at the power of historical sources to show how ordinary men and women were affected by the British Civil Wars. The Civil Wars of the 1640s were perhaps the most violent and destructive episodes in British history.

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