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Year 1

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Good morning everyone.  We hope you are all well and are ready to learn.  


This week we are learning all about lighthouses.  This timetable will give you details of the English, Phonics, Art and Topic related work that we are covering with the children in school. We will also be uploading some of the worksheets we will be using in school but please do not feel that you have to print them out, they are there if you would like to use them.





  • In English our main focus will be on developing children's confidence as writers and encouraging independence. We would like all the children to write as independently as they can , using their sound mats to help them. Please don't worry if all spellings are not correct. A child who writes "worter" for "water" or "beech" for "beach" is doing well and showing that they can hear the phonemes within a word, they just haven't quite got the right spelling pattern but at this level that is fine. 
  • We will be introducing some new phonemes and revising all those we have covered this year.
  • We will also be working hard on handwriting and correct letter formation.  Don't forget to concentrate on your number formation too.
  • Reading will continue to be a big focus and should be something the children are doing on a daily basis. Don't forget the Oxford Reading Owls website which has a whole host of colour banded books for children to have a go at. If you feel your child is ready for the next book band then please let them have a go. 
  • In Maths this week we will be focusing on positional and directional language.  As we have already covered the WR planning for this week please find the alternative learning videos by following the links. As usual worksheets will be uploaded onto the website. If your child finds the activity easy please look at the BBC Bitesize activities. On Friday you can either log into Numbots, or play 'Hit the Button'. 
  • We will be supplementing the curriculum at school with lots of physical activity, art, play, singing, music, games, story time and well being activities. These activities are vitally important at home too. We want children and parents to feel happy, relaxed and would like them to have lots of fun.


We realise that everyone's situation at home is different so please don't worry if you cannot keep up with everything we are doing at school. Just do what you can and keep home as happy and stress free as possible. Everyone has done an amazing job so far and the whole team send a great big THANK YOU to you all. 





Weekly Plan w/c/ 6.7.20


Just a quick reminder...

If the planning directs you to a power point or resources on Purple Mash you can find this by logging onto Purple Mash and clicking on the orange Work Folder near the top of the screen. You then need to click on the Class Folder which will be on the left of your screen and then select your child's class folder where resources will be loaded. smiley








New Reading Books ...


Oxford Reading Owl has some e books that you can access for your children to read new material at their current reading level. 

You do have to sign up but is free and you will be able to access new e books.  Of course this is not the same as holding a real book but it is another way to engage your child in reading.    We hope this link is of use to you.  Remember you are looking for "ebooks."





Also there's a whole range of stories for children to listen to for free on:



P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of my 9am daily workouts

Kids Yoga based on Movies MARATHON!

A compilation to encourage extended activity! Six Cosmic Kids yoga adventures from the archive back to back - all inspired by famous movies.

140 Fun Things To Do Indoors


Year 1 Common Exception Words

If you ever have any questions about anything we are doing in year one please pop in and ask us; our doors are always open. If you are unable to come in due to work commitments pop a note in your child's reading diary or phone school. 

Thank you!

Things you can help with at home:

  • Practising reading and enjoying talking about books and other kinds of text.
  • Telling and sharing stories.
  • Letter  and number formation - It is crucial that the children are starting their letters in the right place.  Please see document attached below.
  • Practising spellings.
  • Cutting skills.



Year 1 Spring Newsletter 2020

A guide to the New Curriculum in Year 1

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.

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