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Carnarvon Primary School

Work hard, be kind

Carnarvon Primary School

Meet The Staff

       Come and meet the staff at our school!


                                       Jonathan Cunliffe


Assistant Head (KS2):                                Assistant Head (KS1):     
    Fiona Marriott                                               J
enny Anderson


                                            Assistant Head (FS):      
                                             Nicola Pike


Other Teaching Staff:     
Richard Hall, Paula McNestry, Rebecca Cowling, Rebecca Cooke, David Ash, Helen Sadler, Anisa Masood, Ashley Marriott, Mel Finn, Jane Djafer, Cath Story, Helen Sanderson, Julie Dyer, Helen Batchlor, Jo Cork, Sarah Ellwood, Nichola Clarke,Tracey Rossington, Ria Bailey

Finance Manager:
Julie Graves

Admin Manager:
Kay Howells

Admin Assistants:

Suzanne MacPherson / Tracey Baker

ICT Technician:
Phil Heafford

Teaching Assistants:
Fran Penny, Jo Niebylski, Elaine Bullas, Sarah Ledford, Sophie McCormick, 
Marie Brittle, Helen Galbraith, Stella Sayers, Sharon Clark, Polly Lunn, Kate Wood, Kat Marsh, Amie Booth, Debbie Elmes, Annette Comery, Elaine Mercer, Beck Fozard, Claire Tomlinson


School Sports Staff:

Lee English / Harry Evans

Senior Midday Support:             
Gina Peters

Midday Support Assistants:       
Pam Thompson, Blue Johnston, Anne Quine, Marie Phillips, Ruth Lambe, Rebecca Fozard, Louise Birks, Nicky Healing, Claire Wijayaratna, Sue Freer, Zoe Brown, Joanna Waite, Amy Green, Sarah Fellows


Literacy Volunteers:

Gaynor Preston, Elaine Hobson, Angie Atkin

Angela Edwards

Assistant Cooks:       
Sandra Redman, Claire Bowen, Sharon Jervis

Site Manager:           
Pete Redfern

Iain Colville

Premises Assistants:
Louise Murray, Tracy Martin, Sandra Redman, Pam Thompson

Red Nose Day is on Friday 15th March. It is full non-uniform day with 1 item of red. Every child will receive a cake or biscuit. A donation of £1.50 per child please. Cake donations welcome. For information on events and trips taking place, please look under the Parents Tab and Calendar.