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Carnarvon Primary School

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Carnarvon Primary School

Viking Topic


Year 3 have been very busy over the last few weeks, learning about the Vikings.  Firstly, they enjoyed a Viking Day in school, where they got to dress up and take part in a Viking battle.  They also made Viking jewellery using hammers, aluminium wire and leather cord and brooches made of string and foil—very authentic!!  Finally, they had to crack the code using runes!




On Monday, they went to Nottingham University to take part in a Viking Workshop.  During their visit they made Viking burial boxes that showed warriors and their weapons from 1000 years ago!!  They also played with runes, looked at Viking artefacts and received a Viking certificate along with a university logo bag.

Home learning resources are available via the link on the children's Year Group page. Carnarvon specific home learning is in place and weekly timetables will be emailed via ParentPay before Monday morning. The timetable will also have links to the OneDrive and Zoom sessions. Thank you for your understanding and support at this difficult time.