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Carnarvon Primary School

Work hard, be kind

Carnarvon Primary School

Parent View Survey 2018


Many thanks to everyone who returned the survey we sent out last half term. Thanks also to all of you who added further comments. We received 152 replies in total. These help us to gauge views and to plan areas to focus on. Below is a summary of the replies we received.




Agree Disagree



My child is happy at Carnarvon 80% 20% 0% 0%
My child feels safe at Carnarvon 85% 14% 1% 0%
My child makes good progress at Carnarvon 71% 28% 1% 0%
My child is well looked after at Carnarvon 80% 17% 3% 0%
My child is taught well at Carnarvon 77% 20% 3% 0%
My child receives appropriate homework for their age 70% 27% 3% 0%
Carnarvon makes sure its pupils are well behaved 61% 36% 3% 0%
Carnarvon deals effectively with bullying 61% 36% 3% 0%
Carnarvon is well led and managed 84% 15% 1% 0%
Carnarvon responds well to any concerns I raise 64% 32% 4% 0%
I receive valuable information from Carnarvon about my child’s progress 60% 35% 5% 0%
Would you recommend Carnarvon to another parent? 82% 17% 0% 0%



We were also extremely happy to read the additional comments on the forms, thank you to the parents who took time to write. We have selected a few of them and these can be read below.


"Open door policy is appreciated, welcomed and constructive".


"School is a happy place and the children have lots of opportunities for curriculum enrichment and extra curriculum activities".


"Carnarvon feels like a family, which a primary school should feel like.  It is well led and the staff appear to be happy which has a positive affect on the atmosphere; which is enthusiastic and innovative".


"I love the school!  All of my children have been very happy here.  Volunteering at the school makes you appreciate what an incredible job all the staff do".


"Carnarvon is very special; there is a "Carnarvon magic" which we are lucky to have both of our children experience.  This is noticeable having moved to Carnarvon when our children were in Years 2 and 4 respectively.  The other school was good but Carnarvon is so much more".


"You are amazing at giving the children opportunities to shine no matter what their talents".


"Carnarvon is warm, inclusive and kind.  Eco-awareness is brilliant.  I especially like how children are encouraged to be kind to the little ones.  Fantastic at supporting difference, fantastic at building confidence".


"Approachable, supportive staff who all have the children's best interest at heart".


"A safe and friendly environment for children to learn, what a school should be".


"A big school that remembers that every child is an individual and so treats them as such.  Development before the academic curriculum and range of extra-curriculum activities is fantastic".


"Carnarvon brings the best out of my child.  It offers a positive, competitive environment".


"Carnarvon helps the children to be considerate of others as well as to learn to the best of their ability".


"Superb teachers, caring staff.  My child has made great progress and increased in confidence.  Great leadership at school".


"It is a great school with great staff in all areas.  It feels like a family.  Communication with parents is excellent".


"Transition between year groups are well managed and having consistent routines in the classrorom help my daughter to feel secure.  Communication is good; Newsletters, year group newsletters, text, twitter - all work well".


"Enthusiastic and passionate teaching staff make learning fun for children".






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