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Carnarvon Primary School

Work hard, be kind

Carnarvon Primary School

Fire, fire!

The Tiger Child

A short film of a picture book called 'The Tiger Child'. This book is published by Puffin Books. The folk tale comes from India and explains why tigers eat their food raw, and how cats first came to live with people.

Wombat Goes Walkabout

A re-telling of the story "Wombat Goes Walkabout".

Wombats, the most playful and intelligent marsupials. Serious Biology with Emile.

This is a story about the wombat, my second favourite animal after the squirrel glider. Wombats are the most playful and intelligent marsupials. The best game to play with a young wombat is tag. I know that from my own experience.

Fire Escape Plan A

It pays to think about what you would do in the event of a fire. You need an escape plan. Watch this video for ideas.

Here Comes A Fire Engine (full length version)

If you love fire engines, get ready for the call with Firefighter Spencer and 'Fireman Ted' on their busy day at the fire station.

Lots of different fire fighting vehicles responding to emergencies

A compilation of 35 different specialist fire trucks responding from 6 different fire services using fire truck siren in different parts of the United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland. Very noisy!

Campervan on Fire in Machynlleth

Fire fighters attend to a burning campervan in Wales.

The Great Fire of London

London Before The Fire (edited)

Still image for this video
Using old maps, a group of computer science students in Leicester created this stunning 3D virtual London to give a flavour of what the old city was like before being ravaged by the Great Fire.

The Story of The Great Fire of London - Telegraph Time Tunnel

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The facts come thick and fast with this highly informative video from the Daily Telegraph. On your marks, get set, read...

Horrible Histories Special - The Grisly Great Fire of London

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An hilarious look at events surrounding The Great Fire of London. Very informative, yet done in a way that engages young and old alike. Enjoy :)

London 1666: The Burn Uncut (350th Anniversary of The Great Fire of London)

Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. Follow the flames, watch London 1666 burn on the river Thames (no commentary version).

Year 2 recreate the Great Fire of London (in miniature)

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On the last day of term, Year 2 endured cold, damp and misty conditions on the playground to watch their own miniature inferno as their 3D model houses were put to the torch to bring history alive.
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