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Carnarvon Primary School

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Carnarvon Primary School

Have a look at what we have been learning about so far...

Living Things and their Habitats


We are looking at classifying and describing living things, as well as looking at where they live.

We had a look at which animals live in different areas around the school. We even caught some newts in the pond!
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Rocks and Fossils


Our Spring topic has been to learn all about rocks and fossils. We have been looking at the different rock types, how they are formed and also learned about soil.

We have been learning about the different rock types using chocolate!

Some pictures from our visit to the British Geological Survey in Keyworth


We are looking at Forces during the second half of the Autumn Term. We will be learning all about how magnets work and what materials attract/repel to them and how friction affects the speed of moving objects.

We used magnets to extract iron from cereal!



We found out all about plants and their parts. We now know the different jobs of each part and how pollination occurs. Additionally, we also investigated what happens if a plant has too much or too little water.


To help aid our understanding of plant parts and their jobs, we dissected a flower, looking carefully at the different parts.
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