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Carnarvon Primary School

Come and see what we did for our 'Medieval Medicine' topic in the autumn term


On Tuesday 4th October, Year 4 visited Bosworth Heritage Centre in Leicestershire. It was a very exciting day! 


One of our activities included experiencing a guided tour down a route to the battlefield itself. We even discovered a well where Richard III took his last drink...


Inside the centre, we got to see and handle old artefacts from the Medieval Period. We also met a barber surgeon who told us all about the grisly details of his job. He told us how to remove arrows from wounds, amputate limbs safely and also which anaesthetics he used for his patients (it was very gory!).


 Additionally, we also explored the battle via an exhibtion. Here, we were allowed to try on replica armour (including very heavy chainmail) and find out more information about what happened on that fateful day in 1485.


Please look at our photos shown below..

Worst jobs in Middle Ages - The Barber Surgeon

We created our own dramas about the 'Four Humours'...

Medieval Medicine Day


Year 4 had an exciting Medieval Medicine day! We found out about all sorts of disgusting cures and treatments! We had a visit from Dr Cure who explained to us (and showed us!) how doctors diagnosed people.

Have a lovely Summer and we will see you all on Thursday 7th September.................................